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Be gentle, it’s my first time

September 12, 2009 1 comment

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, I welcome you to my inaugural blog.  As I sit here and write, I wonder, “Does the world really need another blog about Product Management”?  Well, need it or not – they are getting one. 

A river of fears and doubts washes over me as I wonder if I really have anything interesting, relevant, entertaining and/or educational to offer.  They say to write about what you know – and as a Product Manager, I hopefully know “something” about product management.  How much, is up for debate and I guess time will tell.  Will anyone actually read this?  Sure, they might read this first post – but will they come back and read my 2nd, my 3rd… will I have enough to say for a 4th?  As it ends up, I may have a lot to say – the real question is will there be anyone there to listen? You, my readers (is there anyone out there?), will be the judge as to whether or not I actually do know anything or if I am just full of shitake (as Guy Kawasaki would say).

Today, in his post 25 Words Or Less, Ivan lybbert of the My Product Management Opinion blog writes about being able to explain what a Product Manager does in “25 Words or Less”.  Can you describe it so that even your mother and father can understand what it is?  We can all dream of the conversations our parents can have with their friends and neighbours “Your daughter is a world famous neurosurgeon?” my Mom would say and she would then puff out her chest and say “That’s nice, but my son is a Product Manager!”  Her heart filled with pride.  Like most young boys growing up, I dreamt of becoming a Product Manager and I am proud to say that today, I am living my dream(*).

In the blog posting VP Engineering has a mandate. You need one too. Alan Armstrong of the On Product Management blog writes that Product Management needs a mandate.  It got me thinking, not only does Product Management need a mandate, but this blog probably needs one too. (By the way, veering off topic, “I Love You Man” was a very entertaining movie.  If you haven’t seen it, rent it, you won’t be disappointed – and if I do say so – a very good play on words by Alan as well)

So, in “25 words or less” what is my mandate for this blog? It’s simple, “to ruminate; to entertain and educate; to share my thoughts and opinions about topics related to Product Management and to incite you to share yours.”

The gauntlet is down, the mandate has been spoken. Now it’s up to me to fulfill the promise.

Until next time…

 (*) – Okay, small untruth on my part here.  I didn’t grow up dreaming of being a Product Manager, but it’s not a bad choice, who needs all the fame and fortune that being a professional athlete, astronaut and famous rock star brings, when I can have the challenge and agro of being a Product Manager.

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